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I am a portrait and documentary photographer, based in Shanghai and Berlin, working and travelling in Asia and Europe, unveiling stories which need to be told, in empathy with every living being, trusting in yuanfen, exploring the unknown, looking for wisdom and truths, the depths and secrets of life.

The chinese word yuanfen has been translated into many different English words, including fate, predestination, luck and serendipity. But none of these words exactly matches the real meaning of yuanfen.
By using the word yuanfen, one often implies that a person’s affinity or relationship with other people or with certain objects and events are predestined. yuanfen is the fate, chance or binding force that brings this person and other people or objects together.

…There are moments when life is mystifying. So the photographer treads cautiously, bridging the gaps of difference with sensitivity, taking time to find common ground, ready to accept the unfamiliar in every encounter, to find stories that can be shared. Consciously transgressing boundaries to create an open space, she will find moments of intimacy and joy, as well as moments of deep intensity and – sometimes even – antagonism, her own defencelessness.
With every person she meets, Stefanie Schweiger seeks to balance proximity and distance, the familiar and the foreign, knowledge and ignorance, interpretation and documentation. This is the path she has chosen… Esther Gallodoro



Stefanie Schweiger, born 1979 in Germany, based in Berlin and Shanghai. She studied photography under Roger Melis at Lette Verein Berlin and graduated in 2002 in Berlin. She has been working and publishing continuously in Europe and Asia for several magazines, such as ZEIT MAGAZIN, DIE ZEIT, NZZ, NZZ Magazin, DAS MAGAZIN, Friday Magazine, VISION, SIXTHTONE et.al. In addition to her work for international media Stefanie Schweiger continues to pursue her own projects.

Stefanie Schweiger / Großbeerenstraße 30 / 10965 Berlin
cell +49 (0)171 4781432
China: Jianguo Xi Lu 605 / Building 19 / 200020 Shanghai
cell +86 187 0146 8278